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Friday, September 25, 2009

Prisco vessel evades pirate attack


Singapore: Prisco (Singapore) Pte Ltd reports that its managed tanker Prisco Alexandra, which came under fire in a piracy attack in the Gulf of Aden on Sept 19, has now successfully arrived at the port of Suez and is scheduled to transit through the canal tomorrow (Friday).
Prisco Singapore as managers of the vessel confirm the vessel came under fire and sustained minor damage to her port side bridge wing window during the attack in which automatic weapons were used.
The master and crew took successful evasive action during the incident which prevented the pirates boarding the vessel. No crew was injured and the vessel was able to continue her voyage.
Prisco Singapore confirmed all the crew of the Prisco Alexandra are well and have remained with the vessel en route to the Suez Canal.
In a message to Prisco Singapore, Commander JG Fitz of Task Group 508 (NATO Task Group), which is operating in the Gulf of Aden conducting counter piracy operations, thanked the crew and managers for taking such effective evasive action.
In a letter to Prisco Singapore, CMDR Fitz said: “Thank you for taking the proper anti piracy measurements for example the sharp look-out and providing us all the necessary information to deal with this incident.”  [24/09/09]