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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Daily Fixtures Report - 29/09/2009


BDI 2185 DOWN 7
BCI 2748 UP 19
BPI 2275 DOWN 28
BSI 2000 DOWN 31
BHSI 968 UP 5

'Alma Ata' 1999 76008 dwt  dely retro sailing Lianyungang 28 Sept  trip via US Gulf redel Singapore-Japan rge $16250 daily - Alfred C.Toepfer 'Georgios S' 2001 74249 dwt  dely Hamburg 1/3 Oct  trip via N.France & Egypt redel Cape Passero $23000 daily - Multitrading 'Thetis' 1993 73670 dwt  dely aps Guaiba 10/20 Oct  trip redel Kaoshiung $25000 daily + $400000 bb - CSE 'Genco Beauty' 1999 73600 dwt  dely Kaohsiung 30 Sept/4 Oct  trip via EC Australia redel China $16750 daily - CTP 'Ghent Max' 1998 73220 dwt  dely aps Santos 6/10 Oct  redel India-PMO int sugar $23250 daily + $600000 bb - Louis Dreyfus
'Renuar' 1993 70128 dwt      -
'Freedom Lily' 2005 56056 dwt  dely Mundra 2/4 October  trip redel China approx $18000 daily - Jaldhi 'Clean Seas' 1995 46640 dwt  dely Indonesia 4/6 October  trip redel Singapore-Japan approx $19000 daily - cnr 'Balgarka' 2004 41425 dwt  dely Ravenna end Sept trip via Baltic redel Karachi $24000 daily - WBC 'Progress' 1984 41098 dwt  dely Lisbon early October trip via Continent redel Turkey $21000 daily - Atlantic Coal and Bulk

'Pacific Yuangeng' 1996 174505 dwt  dely Xingang 15/20 Oct 4/6 months trading redel worldwide $28000 daily - TMT

'Flash' 2009 170000/10 Port Hedland/Qingdao 1/5 Oct $8.50 fio scale/30000sc
BHP Billiton
'Shining Star' 2004 160000/10 Dampier/Qingdao 9/18 Oct $7.75 fio scale/30000sc - STX Pan Ocean 'China Peace' 2005 160000/10 Port Hedland/Qingdao ppt $7.95 fio scale/30000sc - BHP Billiton 'TBN' 160000/10 Tubarao/Qingdao 9/18 Oct $22.00 fio scale/30000sc - STX Pan Ocean

'Genco Commodus' Morgan Stanley relet 2009 160000/10 Richards Bay/Rotterdam
15/25 Oct $11.75 fio scale/25000sc - BHP Billiton 'Star Alpha' 1992 150000/10 Richards Bay/China end Oct approx $13.90 fio scale/25000sc - Minmetals

'Genco Champion' 2006 21000/23000 min/max petcoke Emden + Rotterdam/US west Coast 1/7 October $66.00 fio 7500 sx/4000 sc - cnr

The Daily Fixtures Report - 28/09/2009


BDI 2192 UP 9
BCI 2729 UP 52
BPI 2303 DOWN 14
BSI 2031 DOWN 27
BHSI 963 UP 3

'Bulk Asia' 2001 170578 dwt  dely retro Fangcheng 14 Sept  trip via Brazil redel Continent $10500 daily - Oldendorff 'Navios Prosperity' 2007 82500 dwt  dely Masinloc 5/10 Oct  trip via EC Australia redel Singapore-Japan rge $17850 daily - BHP Billiton 'Fortune Rainbow' 2008 82372 dwt  dely aps Santos 1/10 Oct  trip via PG redel PMO int sugar $26500 daily + $550000 bb - Cargill 'Mendocino' 2002 76623 dwt  dely Kwangyang 1/5 Oct  trip via WC Canada redel China int canola $18000 daily - Parakou
'Aeolian Spirit' 1999 73739 dwt      -  India>
'Happy Clipper' 2001 73414 dwt  dely Canakkale 5/10 Oct  trip via Black Sea redel Singapore-Japan rge $35000 daily - Alfred C.Toepfer 'Lowlands Sumida' 1998 72493 dwt  dely Point Comfort 5/7 Oct  trip redel Singapore-Japan rge $29000 daily + $550000 bb - STX Pan Ocean 'Renuar' 1993 70128 dwt  dely Amsterdam 29 Sept/2 Oct  trip via Continent & Aden redel Cape Passero $25000 daily - Copenship 'Aranda Colossus' 2006 55814 dwt  dely Songxie spot  trip via Indonesia redel Japan $20000 daily - cnr 'IDC Pearl' 2002 52344 dwt  dely Richards Bay spot  trip redel Singapore-Japan approx $26000 daily - Oldendorff 'Maritime Diamond' 1995 47574 dwt  dely Lanshan spot  trip via Indonesia redel India $11500 daily - cnr 'Yakima Princess' 1990 42475 dwt  dely Lagos spot  trip via USGulf redel Greece $17500 daily - Cargill 'Emi S' 1983 34913 dwt  dely Dakar 25/28 September trip via Amazon redel Continent $14750 daily - Armada 'King Wheat' 2009 33000 dwt  dely Rijeka 24/25 September trip via Black Sea
Saudi Arabia redel Port Said $13000 daily - Aquavita 'Jop' 2000 28075 dwt  dely Port Harcourt spot trip via USGulf redel Up River approx $13000 daily - cnr

'Triton' 2001 75336 dwt  dely Inchon 10/12 Oct 1 years trading redel worldwide $17000 daily - Intermare

'Chinese TBN' 70000/10 Tubarao/Qingdao 26/30 Sept $33.00 fio scale/30000sc - Vale 'CMB Sakura' 2006 70000/10 Tubarao/Qingdao 30 Sept/5 Oct $32.00 fio scale/30000sc - Vale

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sinotrans: Shipping on slow path to recovery

Dalian: Zhou Bin, gm of Shanghai Changhang shipping - one of the two companies making up the Sinotrans joint venture, has dismissed analyst’s observations of green shoots for the shipping industry. Speaking at the International Shipowner & Service 2009 Convention hosted by Shipping Online Network, he said, “The recovery of global economy is slow and the shipping industry market will not be good in the next two years.”
“Before August, the international dry and bulk market outshone all other sectors but the short-lived and false boom will delay the real recovery of dry and bulk market.” Zhou added. He anticipates the market remaining gloomy for the rest of this year, a situation likely to continue in light of the 70 VLCC newbuilds due for delivery this year.
Sinotrans, a jv between China Changjiang National Shipping and China National Foreign Trade Transportation (Group) Corporation, is headquarterd in Beijing. It is heavily involved in comprehensive logistics, shipping, shipbuilding and repairing, fuel trade, travel etc.  [25/09/09]

Zim delays vessel orders; requests debt repayment extension


Haifa: Troubled Israeli container line ZIM Integrated Shipping has reached an understanding with shipyards regarding postponing the delivery of four new ships, writes source Your Industry News.
The understanding in principle involves four 10,000teu ships originally due to be delivered next year, which have been postponed until 2014 or 2015. This follows a recent understanding to postpone delivery of nine 12,600teu ships until 2014 or 2015.
This extension of delivery dates marks a major step in completing ZIM's recovery plan, enhancing the company’s cash flow by deferring investments of up to US $2 billion.
ZIM ceo, Rafi Danieli: “This understanding reflects the shipyards’ clear expression of confidence in ZIM’s recovery plan and in the company’s long term commercial success.
“As with the rest of the shipping industry, ZIM has recently been faced with very challenging market conditions in the depths of a major downturn. Industry experts predict that by 2014-2015 we’ll be well past the current crisis and the market will have recovered. Based on these estimates we look forward to strong market conditions that will enable ZIM to grow, prosper and benefit from the new, efficient fleet at the right time.
“The understandings were achieved in part thanks to the Ofer Group’s strong position in world shipping.”
ZIM has previously estimated that 2011 will see the first signs of a sustained, albeit gradual upturn in the marine transportation market. Prevailing industry forecasts anticipate significantly improved trade terms in 2012-2013, due to increased demand in world markets and the delay in delivery of new vessels.
Based on this timeline the company expects to reach an operating profit of around US $100 million in 2011, growing to about US $350 million in 2012, and around US $500 million in the year 2013.
Danieli added: “The 2009 year will mark a uniquely difficult period in terms of the severity of this global shipping crisis. We have worked to ensure we’re fully prepared for continuing weakness in the market throughout 2010, and our recovery plan includes adequate measures to cope with this situation. This conservative approach means we will be in a strong position when the industry cycle starts to improve. We believe we will see a gradual recovery in 2011 at the latest, getting us back to profitability and positive returns for our shareholders thereafter.”
The figures outlined above were published by Israel Corporation ahead of the general shareholders meeting due to approve ZIM’s recovery plan in mid October. Israel Corporation will also use the meeting to seek approval for US $450 million to support ZIM’s recovery plan.
This will include a reduction in charter costs by parties connected to the Ofer Group, already agreed at approximately US $150 million over four years.
Danieli concluded: “Additionally, I would stress that ZIM is not asking bond holders to write off any debt, instead requesting only to extend the original repayment schedule.”  [25/09/09]

MOL revises down Q2 forecast

Tokyo: Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) has announced a downward revision of its consolidated business outlook for the second quarter of FY 2009 (i.e. July - September). The forecast operating income has gone out from a loss of Yen5bn to a loss of Yen 13bn, compared to a positive result of Yen 164bn a year earlier, on revenue down from Yen 640bn to Yen 620bn (-3.1%). Net loss has widened from Yen7bn to Yen 9.5bn, versus net income of Yen24bn in Q2 2008.
The Company made a downward revision of its earlier announced consolidated business outlook for FY2009 because operating costs in the containership segment including bunker prices and terminal charges increased more than expected, although recovery of freight rates and growth in trade volume have been close to expectations.
Meanwhile, the Company is now reviewing the full-year outlook for FY2009, and plans to announce it when second quarter consolidated financial results are announced (scheduled for October 27, 2009).  [25/09/09]

CLSL and MISC Bhd enter LNG jv

Beijing: China LNG Shipping (Holdings) Limited and Malaysia’s MISC Bhd have signed a co-operation agreement for the construction of a LNG vessel at Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co. Local papers speculate that CLSL will hold a 51% majority stake in the venture and that construction of the 147,000-cubic-meter capacity ship will begin next month.
Upon delivery, the vessel is expected to be used for transportation of oil and gas for Petronas from its interests at Bintulu to a new LNG terminal in Shanghai that will be operated by China National Offshore Oil Corporation and an unidentified energy group.  [25/09/09]

Dalian Daeyang Shipyard celebrates inauguration

Dalian: Korea’s Daeyang held its inauguration ceremony at its new Dalian shipyard with hundreds of honoured business partners and friends today.
Dalian Daeyang Shipyard was established in September 2004 after it obtained a license to operate a ship repair yard business from Dalian City Government. The construction work of the shipyard has been carried out since May 2006. The shipyard started operation in May 2009 marked by the departure of the first successful repaired ship MV.MARANATA of Daeyang Shipping.
Dalian Daeyang Shipyard is located at No.36 Gushan Street, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Dalian. There are 2 dry docks with capacity of repairing 170 vessels per year (300,000 DWT and 100,000 DWT respectively) and 4 berths (420m, 390m, 280m, and 222m respectively) in the shipyard. It is 100% invested by Korean equity and specialized in offshore construction.  [25/09/09]

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Daily Fixtures Report - 24/09/2009


BDI 2163 DOWN 12
BCI 2566 UP 21
BPI 2357 DOWN 79
BSI 2068 DOWN 3
BHSI 955 UP 5

'Yasa Pioneer' 2006 82787 dwt  dely EC India 25/30 Sept  trip redel China $21000 daily - Brownstone 'Unicorn Ocean' 2008 78888 dwt  dely Rotterdam 26/30 Sept  trip via Bolivar & Med redel  Cape Passero $20000 daily - Swiss Marine 'Belisland' 2003 76602 dwt  dely Kokkola 1/5 Oct 2 laden legs 1st Kokkola/USEC redel Praia Mohle $20000 daily + $100000 bb - United 'Mulberry Paris' 2004 76282 dwt  dely Lumut 28/30 Sept  trip via West Australia redel China $23500 daily - Norden
'Medi Caglieri' 2004 75767 dwt      -  Tinto at $17750 daily>
'Pearl of Jebel Ali' 2002 75715 dwt  dely Kinuura 28 Oct/2 Nov  trip via NoPac redel Far East $18000 daily - Louis Dreyfus 'North Friendship' 1999 74732 dwt  dely PMO 1/10 Oct  trip  via India redel China $24000 daily - Sesa Goa 'Yong Tai' 2001 74060 dwt  dely Xingang spot  trip via ec Australia redel China $16500 daily - Grand China Shipping 'Zagora' 2001 73435 dwt  dely retro Nantong 15 Sept  trip via US Gulf redel Turkey $8000 daily - Oldendorff 'Global Challenger' 1996 73201 dwt  dely S.Korea 3/7 Oct  trip via NoPac redel China $16500 daily - Oldendorff 'Cape' 1997 73049 dwt  dely Cape Passero 26/30 Sept  trip via Venezuela redel Turkey int petcoke $19750 daily - Noble 'Suerte' 1995 72515 dwt  dely PMO 3/7 Oct  trip via WC India redel China $22500 daily - Noble 'Kesari Prem' 1997 69186 dwt  dely Mumbai 27/30 Sept  trip via India redel China $25000 daily - NCS 'Anna A' 1981 65077 dwt  dely Ning Te ppt  trip via Indonesia redel N.China $10500 daily - cnr 'Navios Vega' 2009 58792 dwt  dely Dumai 25 Sept/5 Oct  trip via Indonesia redel India $19000 daily - Norden 'Herman S' 2009 57000 dwt  dely retro Far East mid September  trip via USGulf redel Singapore-Japan approx $20000 daily - cnr 'Marie Paule' 2009 53800 dwt  dely Kohsichang 5/10 October  trip via Indonesia redel Thailand $17000 daily - D'Amico 'Navios Mercator' 2002 53553 dwt  dely Zhanjiang 1/3 October  trip via Indonesia redel Thailand $17000 daily - D'Amico 'Falcon' 2001 Uniwell relet 2001 50296 dwt  dely CJK 1/5 October  trip via Indonesia redel India $13500 daily - Isaphia Singapore PTE Ltd 'Pax Phoenix' 2001 50236 dwt  dely Subic Bay 1/6 October  trip via Indonesia redel India $17000 daily - Isaphia Singapore Pte Ltd -  charterer to report 23/09> 'Virginia' 2001 50175 dwt  dely Mumbai 1/10 October  trip via West Coast India redel China $20000 daily - Uniwell 'Genco Explorer' 1999 29952 dwt  dely Rio Grande 3/7 October trip redel Baltic $16000 daily - Navision 'Pac Star' 1995 28255 dwt  dely Nantong end Sept 2 laden legs trading redel Singapore-Japan rge $12000 daily - Sammok 'New Alliance' 1996 NYK relet 27904 dwt  dely Oran end September 2 laden legs trading redel Atlantic $15250 daily - Norden

'Dong Chang Hai' 1997 27137 dwt  dely Egyptian Med 28/30 Sept 3/5 months trading redel Atlantic $15000 daily - Norden

'Cape Baltic' 1997 170000/10 Port Hedland/Qingdao 1/10 Oct $7.25 fio scale/30000sc - BHP Billiton 'Paschalis D' 2002 170000/10 Port Hedland/Qingdao 25 Sept/2 Oct $7.10 fio scale/30000sc - BHP Billiton 'Ce-Alliance' 1999 160000/10 Saldanha/Qingdao 10/20  Oct $15.00 fio scale/30000sc - Kumba

'TBN' 75000/10 Drummond/Dunkirk 15/24 Oct $19.00 fio 25000sc bends - Kleimar 'SK Shipping TBN' 70000/10 Hampton Roads/Immingham 15/25 Oct $15.00 fio 30000sc/25000sc - Bunge 'Ocean Crystal' 1998 65000/10 North Pulau Laut/Vado Ligure 1/10 Oct $21.00 fio scale/10000sc - Glory Weath -

MPA awards EcoSpec S$2m in funding

Singapore: The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), through its Maritime Innovation and Technology (MINT) Fund, is providing S$2 million to Ecospec Global Technology to co-fund a project for the test-bedding and type approval of CSNOx technology to reduce greenhouse gas and exhaust pollutants from ship emissions.   
If successful tested and type approved under IMO requirements, CSNOx could potentially contribute to global efforts in reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from ships.
Chew Hwee Hong, md and founder of Ecospec said, “We are delighted to receive S$2 million co-funding from MPA under its MINT Fund programme to conduct test-bedding of CSNOx onboard a ship. The funding helps support a priceless opportunity for a ‘completely developed in Singapore’ breakthrough technology to penetrate the global maritime industry. Ecospec shares the same aim as MPA, which is to enable the maritime industry to go green via commercially-viable marine emission-reduction technology.”
The CSNOx test-bedding project is supported under the $100 million MINT Fund set up in 2003 to support research, development and test-bedding of maritime technologies by universities, research institutes and companies in Singapore. Two of the research and development areas under the MINT Fund are ‘clean energy’ and ‘environment technology’. The co-funding for the CSNOx test-bedding project comes under these areas.  
According to Ecospec, the CSNOx TM system not only reduces carbon dioxide (CO 2), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emitted by ships, but achieves all these in one process and in a single system. The scrubbing by CSNOx is also achieved at a net carbon reduction, without acidifying the ocean, and with no other secondary pollutants or harmful substances discharged into the sea. CSNOx is said to be the first solution to remove CO2 in a cost effective manner and also has the potential for land-based applications, such as in incinerators, power plants and refineries.
In June and July 2009, Ecospec received Product Design Assessment and Product Type Approval respectively for its ULFELS Generator ULF01, the alkaline water-generating unit that is the main component of CSNOx from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Together with an appropriately designed abator tower, the CSNOx scrubber system will now undergo ship board testing for subsequent type approval in accordance with IMO requirements.  [24/09/09]

Container giants join hands to end price war


Hong Kong: Neptune Orient Lines subsidiary APL, China Cosco Holdings and 12 other container lines agreed to raise rates on Asia-US routes, seeking to end a price war caused by slumping demand, overcapacity and “panic”, writes Fresh Plaza. The lines decided on a $500 increase for carrying a 40-foot box from August 10 as a “voluntary guideline,” the Transpacific Stabilization Agreement said in an e-mailed statement. The companies will also raise fuel levies and may add peak season surcharges, the group said.
Container lines will try to raise rates again after an April increase collapsed amid rising competition and a 20 percent drop in demand, the TSA said. Spot market Hong Kong-Los Angeles rates have slumped to as low as $900, according to Lloyd’s List, as US retailers pare orders for Asian-made furniture and toys on weak consumer spending.
“The eastbound transpacific trade lane has been driven by panic,” Lee Won Woo, chief executive of TSA member Hanjin Shipping Co.’s container unit, said in the statement. “Panic is difficult to stop once it has begun.”
Resist pressure
Average revenue per container dropped as much as $1,200 from October to May, the TSA said. Container lines should have resisted pressure to cut rates covered by longterm contracts to match spot rates, it added. Hong Kong-Los Angeles spot rates have fallen about 56 percent over the past year, Drewry Shipping Consultants told media, adding that this was not indicative of a return in demand.
Container-shipping lines traditionally raise rates in July and August as shops stock up for the peak back-to-school and holiday shopping periods. China Shipping Container Lines, the country’s second -biggest box carrier, has said it plans to almost double rates on Asia-Europe routes this month.
Shipping lines have laid up vessels, cancelled routes and fired staff as they battle plunging trade. Evergreen, Asia’s biggest container line, said Wednesday that it plans to retire 31 ships. Yang Ming Marine Transport recently announced delivery delays of as long as 15 months for 14 new vessels. “The damage is serious,” Lee said. “If current rates are extended out over 12 months, it is likely that the trade will encounter significant financial challenges.”
Neptune Orient, which has announced 1,000 job cuts, posted its biggest quarterly loss in at least seven years in the three months ended April 3.
APL, China Shipping, CMA-CGM, Cosco Container, Evergreen Marine, Hanjin, Hapag-Lloyd AG, Hyundai Merchant Marine Co., Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd., Mediterranean Shipping Co., Nippon Yusen K.K., Orient Overseas, Yang Ming and Zim Integrated Shipping Services make up the 14 members of the Transpacific Stabilization Agreement.  [24/09/09]

Australia approves Newcastle coal-port deal

Perth: Australia's competition regulator gave coal producers on Wednesday a second chance to hammer out a long-term solution to ease congestion at Newcastle coal port, the world's largest coal export terminal, writes Reuters.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission gave rival coal producers permission to bring back a quota arrangement for rationing exports from the port, provided they worked toward a long-term fix to boost port capacity and efficiency.
The quota arrangement would normally raise anti-trust concerns because it is a competitor agreement to ration supplies without addressing core capacity constraints, but the regulator noted that all parties were now committed to a genuine solution.
Last week, the port operator, Port Waratah Coal Services, and the producers agreed a long-term plan to overhaul the contract system for allocating port capacity and to invest in expanding capacity. It is due to be implemented from next January.
"The execution of these documents represents a significant milestone for the Hunter Valley coal industry," the commission's acting chairman, Peter Kell, said in a statement.
The port operator and Newcastle Coal Industry Group (NCIG), which is building a new coal loader at the port, plan to phase in a new export plan next year, whereby miners will sign 10-year rolling port contracts based on forecast export volumes, replacing the current one-year contracts.
The new system will prevent producers from booking excess terminal capacity -- and creating shipping logjams -- by forcing them to pay for any unused slots.
The commission said there was still a lot of work to be completed by the industry to allow the new export plan to be fully implemented by Jan. 1, 2010.
Australia's Newcastle port, which ships mainly thermal coal used for power generation, has long been dogged by production constraints and congestion, with ship queues swelling to a record high of above 70 in 2007. Vessel queues are now hovering at 26, with an average waiting time of around 10 days.  [24/09/09]

Topaz appoints new chief operating officer

Dubai: Topaz Energy and Marine has appointed Bill Bayliss as the new chief operating officer of Topaz Engineering, the company’s engineering division that encompasses fabrication and construction, marine repair, ship building and maintenance services. Bayliss, who took on his Dubai-based role yesterday, replaces the outgoing COO Jim Masterton who remains with the company in an advisory capacity.
Fazel A. Fazelbhoy, Topaz ceo said, “We’re very excited to have Bill on board. He has a demonstrated capability of successfully managing large divisions and possesses exactly the kind of drive and ambition required to deliver our engineering business to the next level of growth.”
A 20-year veteran of the oil & gas industry, Bayliss has had a successful career with industry names such as KBR and Petrofac. He will lead a team of more than 5,000 highly qualified staff, spread all over the Middle East and the Caspian Region.
“I am very excited by the prospect of leading Topaz Engineering into the next phase of its development and contributing to the broader growth and success of the Company as a whole,” he said.  [24/09/09]

Prisco vessel evades pirate attack


Singapore: Prisco (Singapore) Pte Ltd reports that its managed tanker Prisco Alexandra, which came under fire in a piracy attack in the Gulf of Aden on Sept 19, has now successfully arrived at the port of Suez and is scheduled to transit through the canal tomorrow (Friday).
Prisco Singapore as managers of the vessel confirm the vessel came under fire and sustained minor damage to her port side bridge wing window during the attack in which automatic weapons were used.
The master and crew took successful evasive action during the incident which prevented the pirates boarding the vessel. No crew was injured and the vessel was able to continue her voyage.
Prisco Singapore confirmed all the crew of the Prisco Alexandra are well and have remained with the vessel en route to the Suez Canal.
In a message to Prisco Singapore, Commander JG Fitz of Task Group 508 (NATO Task Group), which is operating in the Gulf of Aden conducting counter piracy operations, thanked the crew and managers for taking such effective evasive action.
In a letter to Prisco Singapore, CMDR Fitz said: “Thank you for taking the proper anti piracy measurements for example the sharp look-out and providing us all the necessary information to deal with this incident.”  [24/09/09]

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Daily Fixtures Report - 23/09/2009


BDI 2175 DOWN 71
BCI 2545 DOWN 139
BPI 2436 DOWN 98
BSI 2071 Unchanged

'Grand Spartounta' 1989 134965 dwt  dely Qingdao 23 Sept/3 Oct  trip via India redel China approx $11500 daily - Uniwell 'Jin He' 2006 77250 dwt  dely Haldia ppt  trip redel China $20000 daily - Jaldhi 'Oceanic Breeze' 2005 77075 dwt  dely Rotterdam 30 Sept/4 Oct  trip via Baltic redel UKC $21000 daily - Eitzen 'Tai Progress' STX Pan Ocean relet 2004 77034 dwt  dely Rotterdam 1/5 Oct trip via USEC redel India approx $32500 - HMM 'Medi Cagliari' 2004 75767 dwt  dely Jingtang 21/23 Sept  trip via Australia redel Singapore-Japan rge $17500 daily - cnr 'Pavian' 2001 74716 dwt  dely Zhangzhou 29/30 Sept  trip via EC Australia redel China $18000 daily - cnr 'Clipper Emperor' Bunge relet 2000 74381 dwt  dely dop Philadelphia 1/5 Oct trip via USEC & Turkey redel Cape Passero $22500 daily - Sigma - 'Medi Tokyo' 1999 74356 dwt  dely Rotterdam 27/30 Sept  trip via Murmansk redel UKC $21000 daily - ACB 'Corona' 2007 73593 dwt  dely Haldia ely Oct  trip redel China $19000 daily
'Hamburg Max' 1994 73498 dwt  dely aps US Gulf ely Oct  trip redel China $30000 daily + $600000 bb - Raffles 'Tai Profit' 2001 73105 dwt  dely Fangcheng spot  trip via Gove redel China $18250 daily - AHT 'Marbella' 2000 72561 dwt  dely Rotterdam 30 Sept/2 Oct  trip via Hampton Roads redel Trieste $21500 daily - Cargill 'Giant Pescadores' Deiulemar relet 1998 71761 dwt  dely aps Cristobal ely Oct trip  via USEC redel India $21000 daily + $700000 bb - Komrowski 'Princess Natalie' Deiulemar relet 1994 70942 dwt  dely PMO 23/25 Sept trip via WC India redel China $21000 daily - Uniwell 'Hui Ping' 1994 69562 dwt  dely Caofeidian ppt  trip via Indonesia redel Med $6000 daily - Norden 'RZS Joy' 1995 69057 dwt  dely Jintang 28/30 Sept  trip via US Gulf redel Singapore-Japan rge $17500 daily - STX Pan Ocean 'Medi Firenze' 2008 58722 dwt  dely Jintang 23/30 September  trip via Nopac or USGulf redel PMO-Japan $17000 daily - Cargill
'Jin Wan' 2009 56897 dwt  dely retro Dangjin 4 September   trip via Tampa
India $20250 daily - Cargill
'Ocean Spirit' 2006 55000 dwt  dely Haldia end September  trip redel China $22900 daily - Seawin 'Tai Happiness' 2004 52686 dwt  dely Thailand end September  2 laden legs redel Far East $18000 daily - Noble 'Equinox Voyager' 2002 52000 dwt  dely Montoir 5/10 October  trip via Baltic and India redel passing Durban $20500 daily - cnr 'Capetan Vassilis' Cargill relet 2003 51196 dwt  dely dop Butterworth 20/24 September  trip via Thailand redel Lome intention clinker $10500 daily - WBC 'Pax Phoenix' 2001 50236 dwt  dely Subic Bay 1/3 October  trip via Indonesia redel India $17000 daily - cnr 'New Accord' 1996 27359 dwt  dely Paranagua 1/10 Oct trip redel Continent $12000 daily - Cargill 'Clipper Melody' 1997 26069 dwt  dely Jintang spot trip via Australia redel Singapore-Japan rge $8500 daily - Austbulk

'Anangel Vision' Louis Dreyfus relet 2007 171810 dwt  dely China 24/30 Oct
months trading redel worldwide $24000 daily - Swiss Marine 'Manousos P' 2008 82549 dwt  dely Taiwan 25/30 Sept 5/7 months trading redel worldwide $20000 daily - cnr 'Ajax' 2006 77328 dwt  dely Kaohsiung 3/5 Oct 3/5 months trading redel worldwide $18000 daily - GMI 'Golden Kiji' 2007 76600 dwt  dely Far East Oct/Nov 2009 2 years trading redel worldwide $18250 daily - Michele Bottiglieri - 'Gundulic' 1997 45269 dwt  dely Huangpu end September 3/5 months trading redel worldwide $14500 daily - cnr

'NCS TBN' 170000/10 Port Hedland/Kwangyang and/or Pohang 1/10 Oct $6.60 fio scale/35000sc - POSCO 'Cargill TBN' 160000/10 Itaquai/Qingdao 15/25 Oct $22.80 fio scale/30000sc
'Nord Power' Vitol relet 2005 160000/10 Dampier/Qingdao 5/15 Oct $7.25 fio scale/30000sc - Rio TInto 'ZOSCO Wenzhou' 1994 150000/10 Goa/Qingdao 8/13 Oct $10.50 fio scale/30000sc - Noble 'Riva' 1981 130000/10 Goa/Xingang 1/8 Oct $12.50 fio scale/30000sc - Sesa Goa

'TBN' 150000/10 Newcastle/Mailiao 1/5 Oct $10.00 fio 40000sc/30000sc - Rio Tinto
'NCS TBN' 125000/10 /    -  tender not NCS>

Grouping of national shipping associations declares support for emissions trading

London: The shipping industry associations of Australia, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and the UK have today launched a discussion paper detailing a practical solution for reducing CO2 through emissions trading.
“It is important that legislators and regulators find a practical way of including shipping in the international work to reduce global warming,” said UK Chamber of Shipping president Jesper Kjaedegaard. "In the debates so far, no option has been defined whereby shipping could fit in with the emissions trading arrangements that are set to be applied to all other sectors. This discussion paper seeks to correct that omission.”
“Shipping is, by a considerable margin, the most efficient way to transport goods, but it still produces about three per cent of the CO2 emitted as a result of human activity. Clearly such a major industry, transporting over 80% of world trade, has a responsibility to reduce carbon outputs. We believe some form of emissions trading system is the way to do it.”
“It is important,” Kjaedegaard continued, “that any solution is global and developed through the UN’s specialist maritime agency, the International Maritime Organization. It is also vital that any emissions trading regime is implemented without driving goods to other modes of transport, which would increase overall emissions and damage commercial shipping.”
This new paper demonstrates how a global and open emissions trading system for shipping can work in practice. Although improvements will continue to be gained through ship design and operational efficiency – and any new system must take account of these – “cap-and-trade” is the only way to guarantee overall CO2 emissions reduction, it says. Using the power of market forces, such a system would put the incentives in the right place to drive standards and behaviours. For example, it would force operators to pay more attention to efficient voyage-planning and management of their fleets, and investment in modern tonnage, as lower emissions would be financially rewarded. It would also promote change by supporting innovation and technological development. 
The shipping associations say they will now work with governments and others – many of which already support the cap-and-trade concept in principle – to persuade them to take account of this approach in the important international negotiations which lie ahead in the UN-led global CO2 reduction talks in Copenhagen in December and subsequently in the International Maritime Organization.
However, the other main type of market based instrument for incentivizing lower emissions, a so-called bunker levy, continues to find favour with many IMO member states, particularly developing countries. It remains to be seen if the shipping industry can reach agreement on a single scheme ahead of Copenhagen - or risk being timed out and having a solution imposed on it from outside.  [23/09/09] 

STX Pan Ocean bags 25-year ore contract with Vale

Seoul: South Korean dry bulk carrier STX Pan Ocean has won a $5.9 billion contract with Brazilian mining firm Vale for long-term iron ore shipping.
STX Pan Ocean, the world's No. 5 dry bulk shipping firm, had said on Monday that it was in talks with Vale on the deal, leading its shares to climb 8%.
The company subsequently said in a filing with the Korea Stock Exchange that the 25-year contract with Vale was worth 7.06 trillion won ($5.9 billion), involved shipping iron ore from Brazil to China.  [24/09/09]

Enter the Rotterdam Rules on world shipping trade law


Rotterdam: Fifteen states, including five EU members, have signed the new UNCITRAL Convention on the Carriage of Goods (Wholly or Partly) by Sea, rechristened the Rotterdam Rules.
The signing comes after the approval of these rules by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law in July 2008 – following seven years of intensive international negotiations and their adoption by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2008.
The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA), BIMCO and the World Shipping Council (WSC) say they are very pleased with the significant level of support given by so many States, including EU Member States, the United States and many other States representing between them shipper and carrier interests.  The reasons to sign and thereafter ratify the Rotterdam Rules are clear, they add, since they will:
- Provide legal certainty and uniformity with regard to the carriage of goods by sea and connected transport.  With about 90% of world trade being transported by sea on some 50,000 merchant ships that trade internationally and transport all types of cargo, shipping is a truly global industry that needs to be governed by widely accepted international rules;
- Modernise the liability regimes that currently apply to the carriage of goods by sea;
- Cover multimodal carriage of goods that involve a sea leg while respecting existing unimodal conventions which also regulate multimodal transports in some aspects;
- Address gaps that presently exist, including the important introduction of provisions to facilitate e-commerce;
- Strike a balance between the interests of shipowners and shippers in terms of liabilities and the allocation of risks between both parties, a feature that is recognised by shipowners and shippers, including major European shippers.
The shipping bodies point out that it is now important for as many countries as possible to not only sign but also ratify the new rules, thereby speeding their coming into force.  [23/09/09]

US academic highlights growing Chinese investment in Latin America

London: The US and west in general should keep a close eye on China's growing influence in Latin America, says Dr R Evan Ellis, assistant professor of national security affairs in the Centre for Hemispheric Defense Studies, at the US National Defense University.
China is ramping up investments in new projects that will allow for the cheaper transportation of the main primary products it needs such as iron ore, petrol, copper, coal and soya. The US therefore needs to pay much closer attention to the growth of Chinese interests in 'its own backyard,' with Chinese-Latin American trade growing tenfold from $10bn in 2000 to $102.6bn in 2008.
Ellis outlined his take on the growing influence of China throughout Latin America at the recent launch of his new book - China in Latin America: the Whats and Wherefores - at Canning House, London.
He said: 'Hutchison Port Holdings and liner operator COSCO have been expanding their interests in Latin America for some years now and Chinese money is also helping to transform the region’s infrastructure, especially with the building of an inter-oceanic corridor from northern Peru into Brazil. This will help with the export of soya from the Brazilian Mato Grosso region.'
The American academic also made reference to some of the problems that Chinese companies encounter in South America, notably the retreat by HPH from Manta, in Ecuador after a clash with the government of President Rafael Correa, over details of the concession agreement.
During his presentation Ellis cited the numerous visits by LatAm leaders to China recently (including that of President Lula, with an entourage that included 50 personnel from the Brazilian port sector), and of Chinese leaders to the region, and noted the $10bn that the Chinese government has lent to Brazilian state-controlled oil company Petrobras to help it develop its deepsea oil reserves.  [23/09/09]

Piracy expected to rise as monsoon ends

Abu Dhabi: Operators of vessels off the East coast of Africa are being warned by a leading insurance expert to prepare for an increase in pirate attacks after the southwestern monsoon ends in coming weeks.
“There is a temporary lull in pirate activity at the moment off the East coast of Africa…but we expect this to be just that - a temporary lull,” said William Tobin, of the not-for-profit mutual organisation Shipowners’ Protection Ltd., and a leading speaker at an upcoming regional maritime conference in Abu Dhabi.
“When weather conditions improve we expect an increase in activity over and above what we have witnessed in the recent past,” he added. “The lack of any law and order, particularly in Somalia, continues to deteriorate.”  The southwestern summer monsoons occur from June through September.
Tobin was speaking ahead of the 2009 Middle East Workboats exhibition and conference the region's premier event focused on workboats. Workboats include tugs, ferries, supply vessels; police, fire, patrol, pilot, rescue and oil spill boats; along with, dredgers, barges and floating cranes. More than 2,000 such vessels are estimated to be docked or repaired in the Middle East.
Middle East Workboats takes place from 5-7 October 2009 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister for Public Works and Chairman of the National Transport Authority.
More than 30 naval vessels from 16 countries operate off the Somali coast to deter piracy.  Nevertheless pirates have attacked vessels off the coast of Somalia more than 130 times this year, with 28 ships seized. As a result, the cost of kidnap and ransom insurance for the Gulf of Aden has reportedly risen tenfold since the start of 2008. The Gulf of Aden is a chokepoint for the 25,000 ships a year that carry 20% of global trade through the Suez Canal.
"The problem of piracy and armed robbery against seagoing vessels is an ancient one. The first recorded incidents date back to the 13th century,” said Tobin, an underwriter with Shipowners’ Protection Ltd. With almost a century and a half of expertise in providing cover for smaller, specialised craft, Shipowners' is one of the oldest protection and indemnity clubs in the world.
“The escalation and severity coupled with the sophistication of the technology and ready availability of arms to modern day pirates are a cause of great concern to the insurance industry, however,” Tobin added.
“The increasing activity has raised the matter to a very high level of awareness as to the importance of shipowners having adequate marine insurance cover - particularly hull and machinery, war and protection and indemnity insurance. There is also the issue of whether weapons of war are involved in an attack, which is a contentious matter. There are various views as to what constitutes a weapon of war - modern day pirates use very sophisticated weapons.
“The use of private armed guards is also a contentious issue and we have seen the demand for private security increase significantly this year, particularly for vessels transiting the Gulf of Aden.    
“Demand for kidnap and ransom cover has also risen dramatically. Cover is generally bought on a voyage basis with a single sum insured and a fixed in full premium. Insurers work with dedicated response consultants who in turn will work with the shipowner in negotiations with the pirates.
“The first priority of insurers is always the safety of the crew. The vessel and any cargo on board, whilst of economic importance, will take second priority but usually release negotiations combine both crew and the vessel and its cargo.”
Tobin added that pirate activity off the West coast of Africa was also on the increase, particularly in the Gulf of Guinea. Traditional areas for piracy, such as the Straits of Malacca between Malaysia and Indonesia, remain active but not on the scale witnessed off East and West Africa.   
Principal sponsors of Middle East Workboats 2009 are DNV, ESNAAD, Irshad. Other sponsors are ABS, DVB, Khalid Faraj Shipping, Lamnalco, Svitzer, Topaz Energy & Marine, Wartsila abd ZMI. Supporting organisations are the International Marine Contractors Association and the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.
For more details on Middle East Workboats 2009 or show pre-registration, please see: www.middleeastworkboats.com  [23/09/09]

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Daily Fixtures Report - 22/09/2009


BDI 2246 DOWN 72
BCI 2684 DOWN 208
BPI 2534 DOWN 34
BSI 2071 UP 2
BHSI 953 Uchanged

'S.Nicole' 2007 77096 dwt  dely aps SW Pass 1/5 Oct  trip via US Gulf redel Spain $20000 daily + $425000 bb - Bunge 'Christina' 2007 77053 dwt  dely Mailiao 21/23 Sept  trip via EC Australia redel Singapore-Japan rge $18100 daily - Norden 'Pacific Breeze' 2004 76343 dwt  dely Haldia 25/28 Sept  trip redel China $23500 daily - Jaldhi 'Voge Prosperity' 1995 75100 dwt  dely Haldia spot  trip redel China $21900 daily - Jaldhi 'Angelic Peace' 2001 74764 dwt  dely S.China 28 Sept/4 Oct trip via W.Australia redel China $20000 daily - Sinoeast 'YK Sentosa' 2000 73625 dwt  dely Mumbai spot  trip via Santos redel China $20500 daily - cnr 'Solidarnosc' 1991 73505 dwt  dely Singapore 21/23 Sept  trip via Indonesia redel S.Korea $17750 daily - STX Pan Ocean 'Spar Neptun' 1994 70101 dwt  dely Beilun 25/28 Sept  trip via Gladstone redel Taiwan $16900 daily - HMM 'Aowisdom' 1988 68377 dwt  dely Hong Kong 25/28 Sept  trip via Indonesia redel Singapore-Japan rge $16000 daily - Cargill 'Great Praise' 2006 52000 dwt  dely South China 25/27 September  trip via South east Asia redel India approx $16000 daily - cnr 'Boron Navigator' 2001 50341 dwt  dely aps USGulf end September  trip redel UKCont $39000 daily - ED&F Man Shipping 'Ocean Trader' 1987 39833 dwt  dely Liverpool prompt trip redel east Mediterranean $24500 daily - cnr -

'SA Fortuis' 2001 171509 dwt  dely Dalian 26/28 Sept 3/5 months trading redel worldwide $31500 daily - Coscobulk - 'Apostolos 2' 2003 34682 dwt  dely USGulf 1/10 October  balance of period until Jan 2010 redel worldwide $24750 daily - MACS -  to report 21/09>

'Cape Africa' 1991 160000/10 Dampier/Qingdao 3/13 Oct $8.25 fio scale/30000sc - Rio Tinto - 'Aquahope' CTM relet 1997 160000/10 Dampier/Qingdao 5/14 Oct $8.25 fio scale/30000sc - Rio Tinto -

'NCS TBN' 125000/10 Gladstone/Boryung 8/17 Oct $9.96 fio scale/33000sc - KEPCO

Asian shipping needs greater voice, says KR boss

Seoul: The size of the Asian shipping and shipbuilding industries is such that they should occupy a more prominent and influential position in the international regulatory process than they currently do, according to Mr Oh Kong-Gyun, chairman and ceo of the Korean Register of Shipping (KR).
Generating a louder voice for Asian shipping had been a central theme of Mr Oh’s recent IACS chairmanship and one that he is keen to continue now his tenure at IACS is complete.
Mr Oh was addressing an international forum of senior shipping people who had gathered to participate in SIMS, a Korean Register conference organised with the support of the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, the Korea Shipowners’ Association, the Korea Shipbuilders’ Association and the Korea Marine Equipment Association. Its primary aim was to further the promotion of safety and the protection of the environment through quality shipbuilding.
Speaking on the theme of safety, Mr Oh was quick to highlight - against the backdrop of the economic recession and the current poor shipping markets - that all those involved in shipping  “cannot let quality be downgraded in these troubled times, this has to be first and foremost in our thinking.” He went on to say, “we must continually push ahead with our commitment to invest both time and resources into improving the design, construction and operation of ships”.  [22/09/09]

NITC employs unarmed security guards


London: A brouhaha has broken out in the maritime press over the issue of shipowners employing private security guards to protect against pirate attacks. The story began when NITC chairman Mohammad Souri addressed the IUMI marine insurance conference in Bruges last week, indicating that his company now employs ex-Royal Marines as security guards aboard its tankers as they pass through the Gulf of Aden. In fact, these guards are unarmed and merely advise the crew on vigilance and evasive measures as well as being tasked with emergency communications with nearby naval forces in the event of an attack.
However, a daily maritime newspaper mis-reported that the guards were actually armed, and then compounded the mistake the following day in its leader by suggesting that such an initiative should be adopted by other shipowners as well.
The editorial provoked an immediate response from shipping organisations Bimco, ICS, Intercargo and Intertanko, who jointly wrote an letter to the newspaper pointing out their concern that the unregulated use of armed security guards risked escalating the level of pirate attacks on unguarded vessels. They believe that it is for governments to deal with the worsening piracy situation. NITC likewise wrote in, setting the record straight.
Souri, for his part, expresses some personal sympathy with those advocating use of armed guards but points out that such a move would "have to be approved by marine insurers, P&I clubs and flag states" which currently it is not. In the meantime NITC sticks to its current policy of using trained professionals - whose contract of employment clearly stipulates that they shall be "unarmed" - to help protect its seafarers, ships and cargoes. [22/09/09] 

Improved satcoms offer targets Asia

Singapore: Orange Business Services, a leading global integrator of communications solutions, is expanding  its satellite and support services in Asia through an  expanded partnership with SpeedCast, the leader in satellite communication services across Asia.  SpeedCast is also providing local testing facilities as well as installation and engineering support  services to Orange Business Services.  
SpeedCast has been in partnership with Orange Business Services since the 2 nd  half of 2007,  helping the company expand its satellite and support services across Asia. The partnership has  brought great benefits to date for both companies and is growing by addressing new verticals and  services in this key developing region.   
SpeedCast Ltd is a leading satellite telecommunications service provider that offers high-quality  managed networks services in over 35 countries in Asia, Middle East and Africa. With 10 international  points of presence and 7-teleport-operations, the company says it offers a unique infrastructure to serve corporate and  carriers’ requirements.  [22/09/09]

ICS launches 'Shipping and CO2' website

London: The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), principal global trade association for shipowners, has launched a new informative website – www.shippingandco2.org .
The purpose of the site is to explain what the shipping industry and its regulator - UN body the International Maritime Organization (IMO) - are doing to deliver a significant reduction in shipping’s CO2 emissions.
The launch of the site coincides with IMO World Maritime Day (24 September) - the theme of which is ‘Climate Change - A Challenge for IMO Too’.
The ICS website explains that the consensus of opinion within the shipping industry is that it may be possible for ships to reduce CO2 emitted per tonne kilometre by perhaps 15%-20% by 2020, through a combination of technological and operational developments aimed at reducing fuel consumption.  In the longer term, advances in alternative fuel technologies may deliver further improvements.
Shipping is already the most carbon efficient mode of commercial transport, about 30 times more efficient than air freight.However, the shipping industry fully accepts that the CO2 emissions reduction that ships must aim to achieve should be at least as ambitious as the emissions reduction agreed under any new United Nations Climate Change Convention, which will be discussed in Copenhagen, in December.
The website explains that shipping is an inherently international industry which depends on a global regulatory framework to operate efficiently, and that meaningful reductions in CO2 emissions will be best achieved if nations agree that the development of detailed measures for shipping should be directed by governments at IMO - but in line with the outcomes agreed for the sector under any new UN Climate Change Convention.
The website also contains information about the development of Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans, potential Market Based Instruments, and other resources relevant to shipping and CO2 emissions reduction. In addition, the site includes a video explaining the relationship between shipping and world trade, as well as links to general information about shipping and its environmental performance.  [22/09/09]