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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Evergreen metamorphoses two services into one "butterfly" route

Taipei: Evergreen Line is to launch a new Adriatic - Levant (ADL) ‘butterfly’ service by combining two existing services, Adriatic Feeder Service (ADF) and Intra-Mediterranean Feeder Service (IMS).
The new service will cater for both deepsea feeder and regional traffic. These changes will come into effect from mid September 2009.
The first sailing is scheduled to depart Trieste on September 20th, 2009 and the service will deploy one 2,080TEU vessel Ital Oceano, two 1,422TEU vessels Stockholm and Singapore and one 900TEU vessel Uni Assure.
Ports of call on the weekly rotation are as follows:  Trieste - Koper - Venice - Rijeka - Ancona - Taranto - Dekheila - Limassol - Ashdod - Mersin - Taranto - Trieste
A company’s spokesperson said: “Besides the feeder service for Far East and North Europe cargo to/from East Med and Adriatic, which will continue unchanged, the added value of ADL Adriatic-Levant ‘butterfly’ service is to provide our customers with direct coverage between Adriatic and East Med ports, thus allowing us to be more competitive in this specific regional market.”   [16/09/09]