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Monday, August 24, 2009

Next Tosa hearing set for September 16

Mangalore: Preetha Aroza, wife of Captain Glen Patrick Aroza, said, the first case hearing of the M.T.Tosa took place at 1700hrs Taiwan time on August 22, and being the first day of the trial, as per court procedures, the first hearing only involved the  accused to identify themselves. The next hearing has been scheduled for the 16th of September. Meanwhile, the shipowner, NYK, has confirmed to Preetha Aroza that Panama Attorney General’s office has accepted  the case and so it will now approach the Panama External Affairs ministry to take the necessary action in requesting the Taiwan Government to decline jurisdiction of the case and transfer the case to Panama for trial under the latter’s jurisdiction.
Capt Aroza is the Master of the Very Large Cargo Carrier, Tosa, which was detained on April 17. Capt Aroza, from Mangalore,  has been held in Taiwan since April this year after being accused of failing to aid a capsized fishing vessel. Since then, many such hearings have been held on various dates but no judgment has been passed yet by the authorities creating an international outcry. [24/08/09]