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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dry Cargo Fixtures 17th November 2009


Iron Queen (built 1996, 161,183 dwt) delivery Fangcheng 20/22 Nov trip via Richards Bay redelivery Skaw-Cape Passero $41,000 daily — Cargill

Ore Hansa (built 2006, 82,295 dwt) delivery Dunkirk 22/24 Nov trip via Nouadhibou redelivery Continent $40,000 daily — Cargill

Lucky Sunday (built 2007, 80,372 dwt) delivery Amsterdam 26/28 Nov trip via USEC redelivery Singapore—Japan rge $46,000 daily — Sino East

Atlantic Breeze (built 2004, 76,267 dwt) delivery Hansaport 19/23 Nov trip via Murmansk redelivery UKC $40,000 daily — Cobelfret

Cemtex Venture (built 2006, 73,546 dwt) delivery Nantong 17/24 Nov trip via east coast Australia redelivery China $30,500 daily — BHP Billiton

Khorasan (built 2000, 72,642 dwt) delivery Rotterdam 20/24 Nov trip via Baltic redelivery China $39,000 daily — Charterer not reported

Jag Arnav (built 1995, 71,122 dwt) delivery Haldia 18/21 Nov trip via east coast India redelivery China $35,000 daily — Charterer not reported

Jin Pu Hai (built 1996, 69,970 dwt) delivery Taichung 15/17 Nov trip via Indonesia redelivery Taiwan $30,500 daily — Triumph Carriers Ltd.

GO Faith (built 1984, 65,125 dwt) delivery PMO ppt trip via west coast India redelivery China $35,000 daily — Oldendorff

Prabhu Parvati (built 2003, 56,060 dwt) delivery Krishnapatnam 18/22 November trip via west coast India redelivery China $28,000 daily — Charterer not reported

Jin Cheng Cargill relet (built 2003, 52,961 dwt) delivery Luoyuanwan 17/19 November trip via Australia redelivery China $27,000 daily — Charterer not reported

Jin Quan (built 2002, 51,104 dwt) delivery Hazira spot trip redelivery China $28,000 daily — Charterer not reported

Tern (built 2003, 50,209 dwt) delivery Krishnapatnam 17/19 November trip redelivery China $23,000 daily — Charterer not reported — corrects rate of report 13/11

Mare Doro (built 1985, 42,628 dwt) delivery Black Sea spot trip via Gulf of Aden redelivery Singapore—Japan $27,000 daily — STX Pan Ocean

Hanjin Marugame (built 2008, 28,343 dwt) delivery Lianyungang 16/18 Nov trip via Nopac redelivery Singapore—Japan rge $13,000 daily — Charterer not reported — added the rate from earlier report


CHS World (built 2006, 174,232 dwt) delivery Far East ppt 11/13 months trading redelivery worldwide $38,000 daily — Louis Dreyfus

Tai Promotion (built 2004, 77,834 dwt) delivery Lanshan 17/20 Nov 5/7 months trading redelivery worldwide $28,000 daily — Transgrain

Ecosand GO (built 2008, 76,239 dwt) delivery Singapore—Japan rge 10 Dec/10 Jan 11/13 months trading redelivery worldwide $22,000 daily — Morgan Stanley

Maritime Baqui (built 2006, 76,465 dwt) delivery Ijmuiden spot 4/6 months trading redelivery worldwide $36,000 daily — GMI

Ever Shining (built 1999, 74,346 dwt) delivery Guangzhou 25/27 Nov 3/4 months trading redelivery worldwide $30,000 daily — Charterer not reported

Goldbeam Trader (built 2001, 74,247 dwt) delivery Bin Qasim 18/20 Nov 4/6 months trading redelivery worldwide $28,000 daily — Grand China Shipping

Lian Hua Feng (built 2002, 73,901 dwt) — reported 13/11 the charterer is Klaveness

Shropshire (built 2009, 57,000 dwt) delivery PMO 22/27 November 4/6 months trading redelivery worldwide $23,000 daily — Pacbasin

Bulk Neptune (built 2009, 55,657 dwt) delivery Beilun end November 3/5 months trading redelivery worldwide $22,000 daily — Charterer not reported

Gourniati STX Pan Ocean relet (built 1996, 28,387 dwt) delivery Japan 20/25 Nov 4/6 months trading redelivery Far East approx $13,000 daily — Hudson


Cape Saturn (built 2003), 160,000/10 West Australia/ Qingdao 1/14 Dec $18.85 fio scale/30,000sc — Noble — fixed towards the end of last week


Genco Explorer (built 1999), 30,000/10 bulk ferts Klaipeda/Terneuzen 22/24 Nov $17.00 fio 6,000 sc/6,000 sx — De Witt

Tasman Sea (built 2001), 25,000/05 bulk urea Riga/Buenaventura 18/22 Nov $48.50 fio 6,000sc/3,000sc — Ameropa — recent

Pacific panamax rates set to surge to ‘dizzying heights’

星期二 17 十一月 2009

PACIFIC panamax owners revelled in an “incredible” week after charter rates surged to higher and higher levels on the back of a flurry of coal fixtures from Australia and Indonesia, writes Keith Wallis in Hong Kong.

“It’s really been an incredible week — there is no stopping the Pacific panamax sector,” said a Hong Kong-based broker who preferred to remain nameless.

He thought north Pacific round trip rates would push past $35,000 per day by the end of this week, while backhaul rates from the Far East to the European continent would nudge $19,000 per day.

“The Atlantic basin is strengthening which is giving support for backhaul charter rates,” he said.

The broker added: “I doubt backhaul rates will hit $20,000 per day this week, but it’s a strong possibility for next week.”

A Shanghai-based broker agreed and pointed out: “It’s been a storming week. Owners are having it all their own way. Charterers have no option but to accept owners’ rate levels.”

He added: “There is nothing on the horizon to slow what appears to be an inexorable rise to further dizzying heights in panamax rates. If anything, continuing bad weather in eastern and northern China will worsen congestion and make the availability of Pacific panamax tonnage even tighter.”

The broker added that with capesize charter rates also soaring to higher levels charterers would soon start splitting capesize cargoes into two panamax stems.

“That will put pressure on what are already sizzling panamax rates,” he said.

This came as rates for a north Pacific voyage topped $32,950 per day yesterday, up more than $5,000 on the week, while daily backhaul rates were up to $17,700, the highest levels since the financial crash last September, according to data from the Baltic Exchange.

The Shanghai broker said Australia’s BHP Billiton was particularly active along with Taiwan’s China Steel Express after fixing a raft of coal cargoes.

The BHP fixtures included the 2001-built, 74,401 dwt Amira which was taken on a voyage from eastern Australia to China at $29,500 per day and the younger and larger 2004-built, 76,629 dwt Maribella for a similar voyage at $32,500 per day.

The China Steel Express charters included the 2002-built, 74,374 dwt Alpha Melody which was fixed for a coal cargo from eastern Australia to Taiwan at $31,500 per day.

The steelmaker paid a higher rate of $34,000 per day to fix the 82,000 dwt newbuilding F D Isabella for a similar eastern Australia to Taiwan voyage.

Brokers said soaring spot rates had put more life back into the period market.

“There is a lot of interest from charterers for one and two year deals, but owners are being more circumspect and while there is some interest in 11-13 month charterers most owners continue to favour short periods,” said the Hong Kong-based broker.

He added that rates for a four to six month charter with Pacific delivery are at similar levels to spot rates at around $33,000-$34,000 per day.

“Locking in a six month charter at these levels gives owners earnings visibility if the market sours early in the new year,” the broker said.